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Action not words

Birley was the first company in the sector to be accredited under BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 environmental accreditation. We are certified by the British Standards Institution.

Zero to Landfill

All paper and card is recycled. Birley makes notepads from the blank sides of non-confidential paper waste and has all general non-recyclable waste sent to a specialist energy recovery facility, where waste is incinerated to provide heat energy to buildings in Sheffield City Centre.

Any metal waste is recycled through a scrap metal merchant, whilst a third party deals with hazardous waste, such as oils, solvents and paint packaging, recycling as much as is possible.

Wood to Schools

We provide waste offcuts of wood to local schools and charities for use in their craft and design departments.

The Carbon Trust

In addition to all of the above we have been working with the Carbon Trust to reduce our CO2 emissions, using sustainably sourced materials and water, not solvent-based lacquers.